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A10 bridge consultation

The responses to the consultation about the bridge over the A10 were discussed at the Parish Council meeting on Monday night. The full minutes of the Parish Council meeting (draft status) are now available at www.miltonvillage.org.uk.

Consultation on the bridge over the A10

Milton Parish Council is considering whether cyclists should have to dismount when using the A10 foot bridge (Butt Lane). Currently the sign at the bottom of the bridge is only an advisory sign suggesting cyclists should dismount. The Parish Council has discussed issues raised around cyclists and walkers using the bridge and have decided to […]

A10 roadworks

Roadworks on the A10 are schedule from 01/03/19, finishing on 15/03/19. The work will take place under convoy working, meaning that one side of the carriageway will be resurfaced whilst traffic is ‘live’ in the other lane and allowed to go past under escort at a speed of 10mph. This is to ensure that the […]

Escaped horse in Milton

Milton residents might know Gigi, the horse who is kept in the field under the bridge over the A10. Today Gigi was led out of his field and let go by persons unknown. The Police are involved and if you have any information that might help them please call 01223 823715. Gigi was hit by […]