Halloween in Milton

Wednesday is Halloween. Trick or Treating has become a regular feature in Milton so here are a few points to remember.

If you are going Trick or Treating:

  • Only go to houses where you already know people or who are very obviously joining in. Decorations up, hall lights on, even a sign saying “trick or treaters welcome”.
  • Wear costume. No costume, you’re not in the game.
  • Remember that some people might find strangers knocking on the door and making demands quite frightening. Saying “Happy Halloween!” when a door opens gets a much better reception. Please be respectful if by mistake you knock on the door of someone who isn’t playing.
  • “Tricks” such as throwing eggs on houses or cars are considered criminal damage by the Police. Please don’t.

If you would like to join in Halloween fun by sharing candy:

  • Have some kind of sign up that you are joining in. Decorations or even an explicit sign saying “Trick or treaters welcome” and the times you are going to be available. If you would like to invite people to visit you can share on Milton Chat or in the Milton Community Facebook group.
  • When you’ve finished or run out of sweets turn out the hall light and maybe put a note on the door “Sorry, trick or treat over.” House in popular locations have received 150 visitors.

If you are not joining in Trick or Treat and are concerned the Police offer a poster you can display https://www.cambs.police.uk/A-Z/Halloween. Turning off hall lights and not having any decorations usually suffices in Milton.