Swifts in Milton – be aware

As part of National Swift Awareness week, “Swifts in Milton” – gather from 6.30pm at the Lion & Lamb on Thursday June 21st. Dick Newell, from
Landbeach, will give a talk about swifts at 7pm, with a display of nestboxes etc., and live video from swift nests. Watch the swifts at
Clarke Brunt’s colony of around 8 pairs just across the road. Free, all welcome. See http://actionforswifts.blogspot.co.uk/ for other events.

Swifts arrive from Africa in early May, and are with us, screaming around the rooftops, for around just 3 months to raise their young.
Numbers have declined by around 50% over the last 20 years. They nest almost exclusively in buildings, and never land except at their nest
(unlike house martins and swallows, which are sometimes confused with them). Modern buildings offer less opportunities, as all openings tend
to be blocked up. Come along, and find out what you can do to help swifts remain part of our summer.

Contact clarke.brunt@viridis.net for more information.